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Architectural Animation Services – Why You Should Hire a Professional Instead of a Freelancer


Architectural animation is a way to bring life to dull, uninspiring 3D renders. Even the best of renders can’t hold a candle to a moving animation, and if given a choice between a picture and a video, most people would prefer to watch a short video.

Making these animations is a challenging undertaking, but luckily, there are services that can do this for you. As a customer, you have a choice between choosing to work with a professional animation service or a freelance service. While you might think that selecting a freelance service will save you in the money department, there are some things you need to consider.

1. A Professional Architectural Animation Service Ensures Professional Results

A good architectural animation service is not only equipped to handle your animation needs; it also ensures that the final product will be of the highest quality.

The final animation is what you’re going to show to your clients. It’s how you’re going to market yourself. Can you really trust something that important to freelancers who may not have the same track record as a professional company?

2. Communication and Services

A telltale sign of a great architectural animation service is the level of communication they provide during the whole process. While reputable companies have to maintain a standard of quality in their work, they also need to have open lines of communication.

Architectural animation is not a point-A-to-point-B process. The idea for the animation can change at any time; models can be added or removed; there’s a lot that can be changed during the animation process.

While freelancers will communicate with you, professional animation services have departments dedicated to talking to clients in an attempt to resolve their issues.

3. Professionals Are Reliable

Due to the important nature of the work at hand, you must ensure that the company you hire to do your architectural animation is a reliable one. This is where already established companies shine in comparison to their freelance counterparts.

While some freelancers might have a good looking portfolio, the majority of them do not. A portfolio is a great way of determining whether the people you choose to work with are up to the task. If someone doesn’t maintain a portfolio, chances are they aren’t professional enough for the job.

Reputable companies pride themselves on their work. It’s how they distinguish themselves from the competition. If something were to go wrong, the name of the company would suffer. This is why hiring a company ensures that your work will be done reliably.


There’s nothing wrong with hiring freelancers for your architectural animation needs. However, you need to weigh up the costs against the benefits. Freelancers might be cheaper, but you could lose a lot should things turn sour. On the other hand, professional companies charge a bit more but their quality of work, open communication, and reliability are aspects that can’t be ignored. What service you choose to avail ultimately depends on you.

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