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360 Panorama Media – A New and Exciting Tool for Tourism and Architecture


What Is a 360 Panorama?

A 360 panorama is a photograph or a video that takes in a full 360-degree view of its surroundings. This is commonly done by making a user stand in one spot and have them rotate in a circle while keeping the camera steady.

The resulting photograph or video is one that covers the full 360-degree viewpoint. Now that we know what a 360-panorama is, let’s look at some of the industries that can benefit from its usage.

1. The Tourism Industry:

By far, the industry that gets the best out of 360 panorama images and videos is the tourism industry. The best way to convince a customer to buy tickets to a destination is to show them what awaits them upon their arrival.

Certain tourism companies have already started to make use of this technology, integrating it into their marketing strategies. By using 360 panorama images, they give prospective customers a full 360-degree view of different locations around the world.

2. The Hotel Industry:

Sometimes, reviews and reputation are just not enough to convince someone to stay at any particular hotel. In such cases, what can do the trick is a 360 panorama video. While watching the video, viewers can “look around” their surroundings and get a feel for what it would be like to stay at that hotel.

3. The Architecture Industry:

One industry that has greatly benefitted from the jump from 2D to 3D is the architecture industry. The introduction of 3D models and 3D rendering made it easy for architects to design buildings and then communicate these designs to their clients.

Now, 360 panorama media is looking to take that one step further. Rather than just look at images on a screen, clients can experience the design of a building with their own senses. This is also known as immersive architecture.


360 Panorama is a relatively new technology, but it is one that has plenty of promise. Used in conjunction with VR and AR, it could be very profitable for the industries mentioned in this article.

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